Internet of Things Modules

Earn certification and distinction in IoT through IoT Apps Lab, the IoT R/D arm of Future Tech Lab
IoT 101: Foundations of IoT
  • Evolution in technologies leading to IoT
  • IoT architecture definition, basic principles, use cases from smart home, healthcare, automotive and smart cities
  • IoT ecosystem: M2M Devices (sensors, actuators, tags), M2M Gateway, Networks Cloud Computing Platform, Consumers
  • IoT applications and services available in the market
  • Emerging areas of IoT and potential of the consumer market across vertical sectors
IoT 201: Communication and Networking in IoT
  • Connecting IoT devices - Bluetooth, Zigbee, NFC, Wi-Fi, 3G, 4G and upcoming 5G
  • Protocols - 6LowPAN, LoRaWAN, Thread, SigFox and Neul
  • Binding to protocols - HTTP, CoAP and MQTT
  • [Lab] - How to connect IoT devices to an M2M Gateway using Bluetooth, NFC and Wi-Fi
  • [Lab] - Communication over CoAP and MQTT
IoT 301: Common Service Functions in IoT
  • Description, Registration and Discovery of IoT devices
  • IoT device configuration and management using Open Mobile Alliance Lightweight M2M Technical Specifications
  • Application and service layer management and Communication management
  • Subscription and notification
  • Group management, location and security
  • [Lab] Registration and discovery of IoT devices
  • [Lab] IoT device configuration and automatic management
  • [Lab] Security mechanisms to encrypt IoT data, device configuration and communication
IoT 401: IoT Application Development
  • IoT application development framework and consumer centric UX design
  • [Lab] Create a software for (i) sensor data access, (ii) sensor device configuration and (iii) sensor data communication
  • [Lab] Create web services for an M2M Gateway/Cloud platform
  • [Lab] Utilizing semantic web technologies for IoT application development
  • [Lab] Consumer mobile application for IoT
  • [Lab] Security and privacy concerns: embedding security by design
  • [Lab] Deployment
  • Value creation through application development
IoT 501: IoT Standards and Industry Alliances
  • oneM2M standard, its architecture and functional components
  • AllSeen Alliance
  • IPSO Alliance
  • W3C Web of Things (WoT) - An introduction to WoT
  • [Lab] Creating and deploying WoT projects
  • [Lab] AllSeen Alliance based development
  • [Lab] AllSeen Alliance based development
IoT 601: Industry 4.0 - Industrial IoT
  • Introduction to Industrial IoT and use cases
  • Smart Manufacturing