IEEE CE Society Future Directions Workshop on Advanced IoT Ecosystem (AIoTE 2018)

TBD (2018) | Venue: TBD

AIoTE 2018 is a joint initiative of IEEE CE Society Future Directions Committee and Future Tech Lab, India. This two-day international workshop will target discussion, knowledge dissemination and prototyping experience on advanced IoT ecosystem for connected consumers. The workshop will bring academic and industry experts from India and abroad together to share their hands-on expertise on the IoT Ecosystem Development, IoT Systems Deployment and Prototyping Applications for Connected Consumers. The workshop is also endorsed by IEEE CE Society Future Directions Committee.

Workshop Context
The IoT industry has been deploying first generation of connected products and services. Popular consumer devices like smartwatch, connected thermostat, lights are being operated through mobile applications and Cloud systems. Several IoT platforms have also emerged providing a full software stack for IoT products and services. But less than 1% of IoT devices and platforms interoperate with each other resulting into market fragmentation. The IoT applications suffer from silo based development and the consumer experience suffers a lot. It is widely acknowledged by the IoT experts that the true potential of IoT lies in horizontal, open, standardized and secure applications. In line with that, the workshop aims at discussing advanced IoT ecosystems that promote development of secure, connected and interoperable consumer IoT applications. We invite participants from Academia and Industry to advance their understanding on Next-Gen IoT Architecture, Cybersecurity, Edge Computing, Narrow Band IoT (NB-IoT), Digital Storage, Manufacturing and IoT application development with a consumer focus. Participating in the workshop will be valuable in terms of professional development, business networking, learning novel areas of research and business development.

Future Tech Lab is supporting the workshop through its “Academy for IoT” (A4IoT) initiative, a training and certification program. It equips the participants with an advanced content focusing on the IoT, Smart Cities, Connected Infrastructure and Industrial IoT. Participants will receive a certificate of participation from the organizers.

Highlights of the Program

  • Single track and two-day international workshop.
  • Four top notch Industrial Keynote Speakers.
  • Discussion on Next-Gen IoT Architecture, Cybersecurity, NB-IoT, Digital Storage and more.
  • Hands-on training towards Prototype IoT application development.
  • Amazing opportunity to learn the next-generation of business development and research opportunities.
  • Networking with industry experts.

Important Dates

  • Early Bird Registration deadline for conference participation – TBD
  • Late Registration for conference participation – TBD
  • On-site registration is subject to availability of seats and late registration fees will be applicable
  • Sponsorship and Exhibition – TBD
  • Workshop dates – TBD

Workshop Organization

A team comprising of seasoned IEEE volunteers is involved in AIoTE 2018 organization. Explara is the official registration and ticketing partner of the event.

Workshop Program
The single-track workshop spans across two days, including four industry keynotes and interactive sessions on next generation IoT ecosystem development, deployment and RoI. Day one focuses on industry expert keynotes on Next-gen IoT ecosystem, Cybersecurity, NB-IoT, Artificial Intelligence, Business Development and IoT Strategies. Day two follows up the discussions with an IoT prototyping problem, requirements study, solution building, coding and testing. The prototyping experience will enable the participants to build real solutions in their domains with a potential for implementing the solutions within a short time to the market.

Who Should Attend?
The international workshop on IoT is designed to provide a functional yet hands-on exposure to ongoing IoT applications, protocols and solutions. Industry sectors intending to develop IoT skills, SMEs, students, researchers and academics, and IoT enthusiasts will benefit substantially from AIoTE 2018.

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