IoT and Blockchain Conference 2018
27-28 April 2018 | Taylor's University, Kuala Lumpur

Developer Meetup, IoT and Blockchain Exhibition, Industrial Keynotes and Panel Discussions
Next-generation IoT Ecosystems, Research and Development
Hands-on Training on IoT and Blockchain

The IoT and Blockchain Conference 2018 (IoT-BC 2018) is set to bring together IoT and Blockchain experts in a platform to discuss next-generation applications and ecosystems. The two-day international conference is a sister event of Academy for IoT (A4IoT) initiative of Future Tech Lab and will host a developer meetup, product exhibition, industrial keynotes and a panel discussion. The conference is strategically located in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

We plan a great two-day event looking at next generation IoT and Blockchain technology and their application in many verticals including Cyber Security, Smart City, Logistics and Supply Chain Management. Join us to advance your understanding of the state-of-the-art, research and development trends and learn the technologies hands-on.

Conference Context

The IoT ecosystems are estimated to connect 30-50 Billion of things to the Internet by 2020. The smart devices will generate enormous amount of data in domains like Intelligent Transportation Systems, Healthcare, Smart Manufacturing, Smart City, Supply Chain Management. Security and Privacy of these devices and the generated data are of paramount importance. Blockchain is one of the technologies that promise to revolutionize Cyber Security and IoT Ecosystems. This market will be worth more than 150 Billion USD by 2020.

The international conference will provide the participants with the context and background of the ongoing IoT and Blockchain revolution. IoT-BC 2018 is creating a platform that will bring together experts from many industry verticals to discuss about blockchain technologies, cryptocurrencies, their market readiness, business visions, next-gen IoT, data warehousing & management and more. A product exhibition will be arranged to showcase innovative products and services. A hands-on training program will be co-located with the conference. Our A4IoT training initiative will provide a unique platform for students and professionals to learn IoT and Blockchain in a practical manner and earn credits for Professional and Career Development.

Highlights of the Program

  • First day packed with industry leading keynotes, sessions and exhibits.
  • Second and third day packed with IoT training and solution building with hands-on prototyping sessions.
  • Advance your understanding of the business of IoT and Blockchain.
  • Software Visions for Blockchain and IoT applications, cryptocurrencies.
  • Developer Meetup, Industrial Keynotes and Panel Discussions.
  • Platform for B2B and B2C talks.
  • Raising awareness for Blockchain based applications and services.
  • Access rapidly growing consumer market on IoT and Blockchain.

Workshop Organization

A team comprising of seasoned professionals from Future Tech Lab, India is involved in the international conference organization. The venue, logistics and support for the conference is provided by Universiti Putra Malaysia. Explara is the official registration and ticketing partner of the event.

Who should attend?

The international conference is designed to provide a functional yet hands-on exposure to IoT and Blockchain technologies. Industry sectors intending to develop IoT and Blockchain skills, SMEs, students, researchers and academics, and IoT enthusiasts will benefit substantially from the two-day conference.

Conference Program

The single-track conference program spans across three days, includes keynotes, developer meetup, panel discussion and interactive sessions on ideation and hands-on sessions of rapid prototyping of IoT applications. Day one focuses on knowledge and perspectives on the Next-Gen IoT & Blockchain technologies, Business Visions and Strategies landscape. Day two and three follow up with advanced discussions and a complete process of building a prototype solution for an IoT industry problem. The prototyping experience will enable the participants to build real solutions in their domains with a potential for implementing the solutions within a short time to the market.

Important Dates

  • Early bird registration deadline for conference participation: till 13 april 2018
  • Late registration deadline for conference participation: 14-28 april 2018
  • Exhibit only registration: Till 20 April 2018

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