IEEE workshop on IoT: Sensor Technologies, Applications and Entrepreneurship

17-18 October, 2017 | Liverpool, UK

For IoT Prototyping and solution building, prior knowledge of coding is NOT necessary. But coding experience in Python will be helpful.
The session will require you to host a specific computing environment on your laptops to be able to interact with a backend server. This environment will be virtually created on your computer and it uses the Linux operating system. Consequently, if your laptop has a native OS other than Ubuntu Linux 16.04.3 (Xenial), you will require to install three pieces of software on your laptops. They are:

  1. Oracle VM Virtualbox 5.1.28, available at
    Click on the appropriate OS (your native OS) to download the installable package. These packages are about 125 MB. This package emulates a bare metal computer on your native OS.
  2. Oracle VM Virtualbox extension pack, available at
    This package adds support for peripherals to the basic package above to complete the emulation of a complete computer hardware platform.
  3. With the packages 1, 2 installed, your laptop has the capability to emulate an entire computer within your computer's OS. It is this platform that we will use to load the Ubuntu Linux OS. Now, download the Ubuntu Linux 16.04.3 (Xenial) virtual disk image (VDI) from
    Choose the 32-bit or 64 bit image based on your laptop's capability. If you are unsure, choose the 32-bit image

With these three packages installed, you are ready for Day 2 of the workshop.

Download the IoT use case scenarios to be used in the session.